Getting Things Done!

For most people getting things done comes easy. They know what they need done  and are very prepared to get to work. So  to be more productive, be prepared,  however if you are completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Here is how: Very Simple.

Get a notebook for daily list or MS One Note or MS Word or online to do software.

Tip: Notebook goes everywhere so it’s easy to add and cross thing off.

1. List out what needs to be done (This can be business,personal,event related, or household stuff)

2.Decide what has priority. There are things that require to be done asap and other can wait a day or more.

3. Cross things of the list as they get done and whatever does not done goes on the next day. Anything that stays on the list for more than seven day consider delegating it out .

4. Avoid destructions and as much as gadgets, technology and people can help us get more they can be time thieves too. Identify and monitor time spend with time thieves avoid them as much as you can.

5.Pat yourself on the back and document what is completed.

A sample of our to do List


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