The To Don’t List

Lists are meant to help us meet our goals.

Much like the To-Do list. The To-Don’t  list,  is  the list you absolutely know, that there is no way you can tackle the task on that list. Be it lack of expertise or it is not the best use of your time.

As a business owner administrative tasks would be a task that falls in the category of not the best use of your time and website design is not your expertise. At home, you hate to clean  house, you are no handyman or yard work skills are not you thing and not the best use of your time. This should go on you to don’t list. Outsource this tasks. There is no price on peace of mind.

The benefit of getting this things done is the feeling of accomplishment not having to do everything yourself.

So, the To-Don’t  or To -Do list recognizes that things need to get done. You job is to determine who is the best fit for the job, you or others. Life errands need to get done but not all by you. Businesses has tasks/job are broken down into departments with experts to support them. The same structure can be applied to the personal  life.

To manage the tasks is the assistants, not you.  You create the list but you do not get to do everything on there as it would not be an effective use of your time.

1. The advantage

You will be in a position to take on new opportunities

2. Life changes

Life can turn on a dime, however you will be in a position to take it on because you do not have a back log of stuff on the back burner.

3. Your priorities are.

You are represent to life. Your priorities will be easier to handle. Nothing is pending and you can afford to put something on the pending list and it will not be a mountain because you already to care of things.

4. You can do more with less.

In the event life turns, you have a mole hill not a mountain.

5. You can say ‘no’ more confidently.

Few people like to be told no, and fewer still seem to enjoy saying it to someone else. By drafting a to-don’t list, you can be more confident that the items you are saying no to truly can wait, or can be done by someone else other than you.

6. You have more options.

You may be able to cut back without the mole growing to a mountain.

7. The list are more useful than ever

They help you get more done  with what you have at present time or whatever resources you have and when the lean times come, you can cut back with less items on the to do list.

Life is good!


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