Women Entrepreneurs and the Elusive Balance

Yes, we can!  We are celebrating the Women’s Small Business Month!  Oh, Yes! October is the month all about women, from some serious issue like women’s health to interesting tit-bits on the economic power of women and more women now holding more political offices than ever.

Despite the challenges women experience, their spirits seem to soar even through the difficult times. Sure, wonder what the women of the eighteenth century would think of the strides we made. What would they tell us women of the 21st century? Well, there has been some progress right? That depends on the way you look at it and it is a debate worth having.

Therefore, about that work life balance, no new revelations here, it is plain and simple. Create that list of what is important to you and be honest with yourself. Remember, that there are things beyond your control. For those  in certain fields, the number of hours you work cannot be helped and we talking about the nurses, doctors fields that have long hours. Now, here is how to create that work life balance list?

The entrepreneurial woman, you tend to do it all. Of all the skills out there to have and your sanity sake, delegate, delegate delegate! You should not be doing it all. Focus on the core strength and where you lack expertise absolutely outsource . There are excellent resources out there from virtual assistants to automation of processes.

Here is five major points for your business life:

  1. Leverage Technology
  2. Automate some processes
  3. Assign each business related domain a time slot on your calendar
  4. Create a master to do list (here you get to determine what you need to outsource)
  5. Make it a priority to put the yourself first

Here is five major points on your personal life:

  1. What is your absolute priority
  2. Determine what makes you happiest
  3. Determine where within your schedule you can fit things in
  4. Create that list to cut what drags you down
  5. Make it a priority to put the yourself first

Now set the plan in motion, the above list can be completed in any order. The tough parts will  most likely be sticking to the plan. You will have succeeded, if you carry out any of the above points and slowly and surely, you will get there. Good Luck


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