What they know about you?

Today, our lives are more and more online than ever from the tweens to grandma. We are on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster, My life and that just the personal life, our professional life is online, submission of resumes to being on LinkedIn and any other professional sites out there.

Now go ahead, Google you name and you will find the sites that allow Google to index your information. A site like ZabaSearch lists your addresses history and includes telephone numbers.  We recommend your always request not to be listed by the phone service provider.

Even more concerning is, what is happening with the way our favorite websites, be it media like CNN, Instant Messengers services profile or community site for a certain age group like eon.com. They are making it easier to create our profiles, interact, or share with our family and friends.

Therefore, when you are catching up with the news, blog, reading an article and you have this overwhelming urge to comment, which often requires that you login as a subscriber or giving them you email address, so you can then input your two cents. Well now, a handy dandy button that allows you to comment using your Facebook logins or Google or twitter just by clicking on that button. What is scarily is, you are now sharing more information about yourself on that site and anyone that “Google” your name this information may show up.

Something to think about this, when setting you accounts online for your banking, bill paying, utilities etc. What information are you providing them? They ask you security questions and they are simple questions, your pet’s name, spouse name, maiden name and so on.  The problem is that this information is readily available to your friends and all if you face book information is set properly. We are giving out information about ourselves unknowingly.

Marketers now know more about you just by your likes, activities our friends where we are and where we have been however, if they know all this tidbits about us, so do the bad people, or potential employers or client.

Take a moment to evaluate you and your family’s activities online and play it safe.

Recommendations: When tasked to supply security questions for authentication on any websites, pick questions or create question that are not specific to you.  Answer the questions in another language or use a made up answer that only you would know and even when right the down they would meaningless to everyone. If you have a word document that you store your entire password list, please password protect it as well.

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