Missed Opportunities in Social Media

The missed opportunity if you are not utilizing social media:

  • Listening to your target audience
  • Getting to know your current clients/Customers
  • Build your and growing brand awareness
  • Selling more without seeming to
  • Primary customer research
  • Keeping up with your competition
  • Persona development
  • Defining your digital marketing strategy
  • Monitoring your brand performance
  • Building your customer service loyalty
  • Creating a community of brand evangelists
Creating  your social media plan:

  • Builds your following organically
  • Identify content to speak on based your expertise or your audience needs
  • Encourages interaction and information sharing
  • Mix up your content sharing ( Blog post, Video, Images, etc)
  •  Fosters engagement with regular updates- Tip Alert: create themes around it
  •  Provides incentives (information, contests, swag, etc)
  • Uses a content calendar to generate chatter about upcoming events
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